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"To Grow in the Love of Truth"
St. Robert Bellarmine

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Created by the 1st class in 1958

Explanation of the symbolism of the 
McAuley High School Coat of Arms (Shield)...

The following article was written in 1959 by Joanne Martin, freshman, for the "Our Memory Book" celebrating the end of the first year of McAuley, 1958-1959.

McAuley High School Coat of Arms (Shield)

and Motto

The general overall shape of this coat of arms has been taken from the McAuley Family Coat of Arms. At the direct top, is a Maltese cross, recalling the one that appears on the Sisters of Mercy Shield. The seven rays of green with the seven rays of gold, which were suggested by the Mercy Shield, symbolize the seven spiritual and corporal works of Mercy flowing through the school and throughout the Diocese of Toledo.

The upper left hand corner contains a sector, or a castle, done in red and blue. This is the authentic design and colors of the Toledo Diocese.

The lower right hand corner of red and silver contains a lion rampant which symbolizes our readiness to ward off all evils and eagerness to stand for what is right. These are the authentic colors and design of the McAuley Family Coat of Arms.

The motto "INVERITATIS AMORE" was suggested by our Most Reverend Bishop George J Rehring and is taken from the Collect of the Mass for St. Robert Bellarmine. St Robert Bellarmine, whose Feast Day is May 13th, is a noted scholar and Doctor of the Church. The motto, "IN VERITATIS AMORE", when translated means, IN THE LOVE OF TRUTH.

Research and designing of this coat of arms was done by Sister Mary Genevieve Burkett, R.S.M. 

(Sister also designed the art department of the school.)

McAuley H.S. Alumnae Assoc.

Please Note:  The All School "Gathering" is October 15th @ OLPH Meeting room 2

11:00am - 3:00pm

What is the school Mascot?

Our mascot was a lion.

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Class Ring - What does it Mean?

The maltese cross is taken from the Mercy shield, adapted by Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, from the shield of the Fathers of Mercy, an order founded in the 1200's for the deliverance of captives in the Crusades.

The 7 gold bars reflect the spiritual and corporal works of Mercy. The "M" stands for the name of the school, and theemerald stone signifies the virtue of hope as well as the Emerald Isle (Ireland) on which Catherine McAuley lived.

The ring was designed by Sister Mary Genevieve Burkett.

(Taken from the Spring, 2001 Volume 6 issue of the McAuley Alumnae Newsletter)

McAuley Alma Mater

Our cherished Aluma Mater We’re proud to belong to you.

With hearts staunch and true we’ll dare and do for God and country too.

Your patron holds the Beacon that guides our footsteps here.

McAuley High we love you our Alma Mater dear.

Let Mercy shield protect us upon life’s stormy way.  May Mary’s hand direct us unto a glorious day.

Your colors bold the green and gold inspire to loyalty.

McAuley High we love you our Alma Mater dear.

McAuley Fight Song

McAuleans we strive to honor your name,

A heritage from our Blessed Mother’s fame.

Onward to victory, symbols of purity,

We live for the truth and ideals for which she stands.

From every town and state and city, too,

United we hail McAuley’s green and gold.

With pride in your teachings true,

We’ll ever be loyal to you, McAuley!

Formerly located at:

2303 Brookford Drive
Toledo, Ohio

McAuley opened its doors in the 
Fall of 1958
And closed its doors 
in June of 1988